I have been thinking of an idea in my head, for now it is a project... hope to make it come true: CURIOSEER



Before I begin my academic career, I want to carry out a project in my life that I have been thinking for a long time, and I even dream of starting an academic career by completing this project. Explaining this project (as well as experiencing it) will be a little difficult, but I will try to explain you as simple as possible. The purpose of this project is to confirm or even experience the cultural, economic and political situations / information on the world that we have been taught throughout our lives. In order to so, I am planning about visiting the major countries that will be explained below. My previous experiences always focused on nature and natural beauty. But my goal here is different. For example; I will get to know local cultures and the difficulties that the local culture has experienced, the natural and human conditions that the culture has experienced its history, and many more. Of course, by carrying out this project, I think that the outcomes will contribute to other people. For this purpose, I am planning to make an amateur documentary that includes interviews in the project and to transform this activity into a permanent material.

As a first step, I gave the project a name: Curioseer. I think that the project will be realized between June and August of 2018, if all the necessary conditions are established.



I would like to present the results of the events and situations that are happening in the mentioned countries to those who are interested in, by learning from the first source personally and then providing an amateur documentary. The purpose of going to these countries and carrying out these activities is to move travelling to a different dimension. When we say "travel", natural beauties or just seeking and exploring the beautiful and wonderful come into our minds. But I think that by carrying out this activity, I will change the definition of "travel". Besides natural beauties, I want to focus on people's problems, gain experiences about these problems, in short I want to be a human. I would like to understand the above mentioned countries and communities not only by visiting "landscapes or beauty" but also by living and experiencing with the people living here and understanding what exists in my mind; I want to make sense not only of my mind, but also what is in the minds of others. For this reason, I believe that the activities I plan to create will be different from the activities of other people. I wish this project to establish a strong link between cultures, because I think I will share my cultures and learnings with people I will meet, even with as many people as possible.

I also want to do this as a student. This will have a great effect on me because I will be visiting these places not as a tourist but as a student who is willing to learn about the experience and living conditions. Also, as a student, it will be very difficult to realize this project. So, by sharing this project with other people as much as possible, I will be looking for support.

Thank you for reading.




About ME

My name is Engin Teymur. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I am studying at Yeditepe University, Visual Communication and Design and also Art Management. I am 23 years old and my family is from Diyarbakir, Turkey. I have 17 siblings; I am the youngest among them :)

I live in Turkey currently, but I lived also in Russia (to learn Russian language) and in Portugal (I have done my Erasmus exchange program in Lisbon).

I am a traveler since 2014 and since then, I have been traveling. I can speak Turkish, Kurdish, Russian, Portuguese and English.

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